Best Coffee Brew Methods

Best Coffee Brew Methods
April 27, 2020 Editor User - Stans Bike Shack
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Dear Coffee Lover’s,

We hope you are well and making the best of the spring sunshine and enjoying your coffee.

Recently a few have asked how I make my coffee at home. We have an espresso machine at home so you would expect the answer to be espresso, but no. When the Shack was open I would fire up café espresso machine in the morning and have my coffee there (we live near the Shack so seemed daft to set up both machines). Since lockdown I’ve rediscovered the stove top method, sometime called ‘Cowboy Coffee’. It is easy and quick and produces a strong and flavourful coffee with no bitterness. My coffee of choice? Stan’s Espresso of course. Here is my recipe for ‘Stan’s Cowboy Coffee’


  • 18g Stan’s Espresso ground to the consistency of salt, or 3 on a 1-10 scale grinder
  • Made in a 2 cup Moka Express stove pot with hot water off the boil


Out of interest, we’d love to know your preferred brew method, espresso, AeroPress, filter, cafetiere/French press, stove top or something different! Please let us know


Yesterday we introduced two new coffees from Colombia and Rwanda for you to taste. To purchases these and other coffees including Stan’s Espresso go here

All the very best

Keep safe


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